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About Us

About Us

Enhanced Health: Helping you take charge of your Mind, Body & Soul. Empowering your life through holistic healing, nutrition and positive living. Bringing you services and products to aid you on your journey.

About Me

Hi, I’m Keela, I have a passion for helping people empower their life. I love products that aid your body, mind and soul. Throughout our website you will find products and services that will help you on a physical and emotional level. These are products that I have used myself over the years and healing modalities that I have also used and trained in.

I am currently a 3rd year Naturopathic student. I also have my certificates in NZ First Light Flower Essences, Zone Therapy, Relaxation Therapy and advanced level 11 Reiki Certificate. I find the combination of Reiki and Flower Essences to be an amazing healing modality and the combination becomes a powerful healing tool. As I continue in my studies and qualifications I look forward to bringing you more products and services to enhance your journey.

My journey to healthier products began back in 2006 when I began with Lady cloth pads and menstrual cups. I have put alot of time into these products over the years to enable women to try the menstrual alternatives.  I began my Reiki journey and training in 2012 when I completed my basic 1 level then in 2014 I completed my advanced level 11 Reiki training. I have completed my training with Christine Gould an International Reiki master and founder of the Reiki Academy in the UK. I began my NZ First Light Flower essence training in 2013-2015.

After experiencing my own health issues and been diagnosed the with rare cancer back in 2012 I felt there was so much more I could do to aid my healing and enhance my life. I have strivved to bring a website that is full of products and knowledge that will enhance everyone.  It has enabled me to grow on a physical and spiritual level and find my passion in life.

I look forward to working with you helping you take charge of your Mind, Body & Soul and empowering yourself and living the life you deserve.

Disclaimer: It is always recommended that you seek medical advice and do not stop medication unless under the supervision of your doctor. I do not intend to diagnose or cure any illnesses. The Reiki, Flower Essences, Massage, Products and Guidance you receive is intended to be complimentary and work alongside any medications or treatments and not be a replacement.