Absorbency Comparison Guide

Absorbency Comparison Chart

We have put together a handy guide for various menstrual products that we currently stock with an approximate ml each product will hold. This guide will be updated as we add new product ranges. We have included tampons and disposable pads as we often get asked how reusable options compare to disposables.



Light Tampon Absorbs 3ml

Regular Tampon Absorbs 5ml

Super Tampon Absorbs 10ml


Disposable Pads

Light Pad Absorbs 3ml

Regular Pad Absorbs 5ml

Super Pad Absorbs 10ml


Washable Cloth Pads

Light Flow Cloth Pad Absorbs 5-7ml

Moderate Flow Cloth Pad Absorbs 10ml

Heavy Flow Cloth Pad Absorbs 15-20ml

Heavy Night Flow Cloth Pad Absorbs 20-30ml


Period Underwear


Light to Moderate Flow Absorbs 10ml

Heavy Flow Absorbs 15-20ml


Light Flow Absorbs 5ml

Moderate to Heavy Flow Absorbs 10-15ml

Love Luna

Period Underwear Absorbs 10-15ml

Bladder Underwear Absorbs 40ml

Menstrual Cups

Most menstrual cups will hold approx 20-25ml, this will depend on the brand and size. So one menstrual cup is approx the equivalent to 4 regular tampons.

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