How Do I Choose A Menstrual Cup?

With so many menstrual cups on the market now how do I select the right cup for me?

Choosing the right cup for you takes into account many different aspects, if you are unsure which product is best, do give us a bell and we will happily assist.

There are many different sizes to accommodate women, and to select the best one, we need to consider:

Your cervix height

If you are unsure how high your cervix sits, simply insert a clean finger. Your cervix feels like the tip of your nose in amongst the squishiness of your vagina. Take note of which knuckle is closest to your vaginal opening.

If it is your first knuckle closest to the fingernail, you have a low cervix.

If your second knuckle is closest to your vaginal opening when you touch your cervix, you have a medium cervix.

If your whole finger is closest to being in the vagina, then you likely have a high cervix.

The best time to measure is during your period, when your cervix is likely sitting lowest. During your cycle, the height of your cervix can fluctuate (it also moves with your daily movements!, and this method is not very accurate for some. If you’re having trouble, check out:

What this means: If your cervix is low, you will need to consider a small or bell-shaped cup, that has less height. A MeLuna Shorty cup works great for a low cervix. If you have a medium cervix then the MyCup size 1 is a great option or a Meluna shorty cup.  For a high cervix, most sizes will work and a longer cup may be easier for removal.

Your Flow

If you have a light flow, you may consider a smaller cup. Likewise, those with heavier flow will likely choose the largest cup that fits comfortably.

Age and births

Age and how you birthed changes your pelvic muscles and tone. This is a standard manufacturer recommendation, where you will often see the smaller cup recommended for those under 30 with no vaginal births, and the larger cup for those over 30 with vaginal birth. However comfort is more important and if your cervix is high then no matter your age, you will probably prefer a longer cup, and those with a low cervix will find a short cup much more comfortable no matter their age.

Physically active

If you move a lot, you may find a firmer cup prevents leaks.

Sensitive Bladder

Sometimes using a cup will alert a women to a sensitive bladder, which may present as being unable to completely empty bladder, discomfort or pain. Using a softer cup may relieve the pressure on your bladder and eliminate these issues.

Length of Stem

The stems on cups are designed to assist with finding and removing the cup. If your cervix is high, a longer stem can be helpful. If you have a low cervix, small stems or ball stems are enough, however they can be trimmed or cut off completely so it is more important to get the fit of the actual cup right.

It’s important to know that you might not get the fit right the first time. Please don’t hesitate to drop us an email and we can help answer any questions and recommend a cup for you.

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