Tweens, Teens & Period Underwear

Are period underwear, suitable for tweens or teens?

This is the most common question we get asked and the answer is YES!!

Period Underwear For Teens

Teens love the confidence and security of period underwear. These are ideal to use on their own or as a back up to menstrual cups, pads or tampons. A lot of teens will fit women's size period underwear. Brands we stock have a great range for teens. Modi Bodi cater for very small tweens and come in sizes 2XS upwards. Love Luna have a lovely style which starts at size 6-8 girls. Or check out the Awwa which also do small sizes for teens.

We highly recommend them especially when starting out with your period. They are ideal to wear the day your period is due or the last few days of your period. Or even as a back up to other menstrual products.

Use them as back up

They are great for teens that are navigating tampons, menstrual cups or pads. They can but used with any of these products as they offer extra protection against leaks.

How many will you need?

We recommend 3-4 light to moderate flow for day time use and 2 overnight pair. Highly recommend the overnight pair to protect the sheets. Most teens will us 1-2 day time pair and 1 night time pair over 24 hours. 5-6 pair will give you enough to have in use, in the wash and ready to use.

Will friends know they are period underwear?

No! This is a concern for some teens when getting changed at school with friends. This is the great thing about them they look and feel just like regular underwear. They are very discreet that no one will know you are wearing period pants. 

What if I need to change them at school?

For most 1 pair on your light to moderate days should last you most of the day at school. However, if you need to change them we recommend getting a wee waterproof bag. You can put your used pair into the bag and zip it closed. It will keep any moisture and smells contained.

Can I use them for sports?

Absolutely, they are perfect to wear for running, jumping, horse riding or any type of sports you are doing. Some styles will be more suited for sports. For example lots prefer a boy leg style as it sits nicely with plenty of bottom coverage so you don't get any riding up when playing your sport.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your teen using period pants, menstrual cups or menstrual pads.


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