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Limited Stock and colors. Please Note if we don't have your color request in stock we will substitute for another color as we are low on the wetbags to match the pads.

We have put together our best selling products to bring you this cost effective intro pack to get you started. This is an amazing intro pack into the world of re-usable menstrual products which will save you hundreds of $$ on disposable products.

NOTE we have some blue sets available. If you would prefer blue please make a note on your order.

Eco-friendly, Convenient and Comfortable

Trial Set contains

1 x Pad Wet Bag

2 x Light Flow Pads

1 x Kiko Menstrual Cup or you can order the Teen Menstrual Cup Pack.

1 x My Cup Wash

1 x 10pack Sterilizing Tablets


Size 1 small is generally suited for women that have not had a vaginal birth, lighter flows or teens/young women and smaller anatomy, up to 25 years. It can also be ideal for first-time users of a menstrual cup.

Capacity: approx 30ml 
Diameter: 43mm 
Length: 50mm from rim to base of cup 70mm 
Stem: 20mm

Size 2 medium is generally suited for women post-baby that have had a vaginal birth, heavy flow, women over 25 years. It is also suitable for those with weaker pelvic floor muscles.

Capacity: approx 36ml 
Diameter: 45mm 
Length: 55mm from rim to base of the cup, from rim to tip of stem 75mm 
Stem: 20mm

These sizing recommendations are a general guideline other factors you may need to consider are the strength of your pelvic floor muscles. If you fit most of the size 1 cup criteria but have very weak pelvic muscles then consider the size large cup. If you have a low sitting cervix then the size 1 cup will be a better fit. Some women find their cervix sits lower during the first 48 hours of their period then moves back to the higher position.

Cloth Pads

Our reusable menstrual cloth pad sets are environmentally friendly and user-friendly. They are available in different absorbency to suit your flow. Made with high quality, highly absorbent and breathable fabrics, our lady menstrual pads are convenient, comfortable and cost-effective.

These menstrual cloth pads have a super soft plush bamboo velour top, bamboo inner core and a waterproof backing. This set is ultra-trim without compromising on absorbency.

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