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The Healing Energy of the Kowhai Flower

The Healing Energy of the Kowhai Flower

The Healing Energy of the Kowhai Flower

I love the Kowhai flower. It has such a beautiful and gentle feminine energy about it. It is this gentle energy that gives the Kowhai the potential to nurture negative aspects of oneself, allowing you to move through difficult times and changes. If you are a person that finds change difficult or hold onto the past the Kowhai allows you to move forward from these limitations. It is the “link breaker” allowing you to break the bonds with the past and transition through the difficult times and changes. It encourages self belief and the sense of growth, self-discovery and new beginnings. For some new beginnings can be difficult, filled with uncertainty and self-doubt, the essence of the Kowhai flower stimulates one to embrace changes with the knowing that there is more to life. This flower is ideal for those that are ready to begin the journey of self discovery and your true calling in your search for the universal truths. Yellow relates to our self worth and brings courage, positive self esteem and energetic nature, helping to bring our solar plexus back into balance.

Do you feel:

Lost in the direction you are heading?

Questioning the deeper meaning of life?

Find it hard to cope with changes or having to adjust to life’s changes such as moving homes, moving cities, leaving unhealthy relationships, starting a new job?

Repeat old habits?

Lost your sense of adventure?

Experience pain, anger or avoidance around your life’s choices or unsure where you are headed in life?

Lost hope?

Fear of the unknown?

Then this is the essence for you. Kowhai will empower the process you will go through to leave behind the negative and open yourself to new possibilities. With self belief you can embrace the growth and the challenges we face during our life. To purchase a Kowhai essence you can order one here.

                     Embrace your life, it may not be easy at times but you can learn to embrace the growth and challenges.


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