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Keeping it real

Keeping it real

I thought I would share a little about me and my journey to achieving health and wellness…… and why my motto is #keepingitreal
Today is a fatigued day!! they are getting few and far between with over the past 10 months I only needing a afternoon laydown 1-2 times a week for a hour. Today however has been a laid up on the couch all day as well as mentally exhausted…… what triggered this? well to put it bluntly a overload of a series of shit circumstances in the past 24 hours that had pushed my stress levels overboard and while I no longer end up in the corner rocking or uncontrollably crying I do end up laid up having to rest and taking it easy.
This is a great reminder on implementing my stress reduction protocols and also a great reminder on how far my health has come over the past 18 months healing from Adrenal fatigue and glandular fever. In the early stages after my Dad died I pretty much spend 3-5 days a week bedridden or couch ridden. Years of high stress ….. cancer, surgeries, divorce, selling and moving 3 times, starting over in a new town, starting over with a new business, depression, anxiety, what to do with my life ….. and the list goes on. Over a period of 5 years it had finally caught up with me and my Dad’s death last year was the straw that broke the camel’s back.
Until I experienced this myself I could not even comprehend how someone could not function…. we all get tired right? but you just keep on trucking on. Take some advice some someone that has learnt the hard way DO NOT keep on trucking on and when you hit that absolute burnout phase there is no keepin on…… it is not physically possible.
Circumstances meant I had to keep on keepin on so some degree which has slowed my healing progress a lot. I’m a single mum trying to raise a tween, running a business and studying full time. I knew life circumstances were inhibiting my recovery, so how do you manage to heal from something that requires no stress and rest, rest, rest and in a world that is so crazy busy? There is no easy answer for that question, but day by day is the best way to start. I keep working daily on reducing stressors in my life and I now know my triggers….. at times I forget because I have days where I now feel great and on those days over do it!!
For me my road to recovery has been a long one, however, it has also been a very rewarding one. Why would I call it rewarding? because I have learnt so many techniques and tips that are practical through trial and error on myself. This has enabled me to create client treatment plans with realistic goals when I see my clients. It has also helped me learn that it truly is a one day at a time process and while you may not see dramatic results immediately when you look back over months you realize how far you may have come.
The moral of this story… listen to your body, does it really matter if the washing isn’t done or dishes still on the bench from the night before? I mean really who is the only one it will bother? and if it bothers anyone other than yourself then perhaps they are the ones that should be stepping up and helping.
It is because of these experiences I am going to make a kick arse practitioner once I am fully qualified, because when my clients come to me totally exhausted I can relate 🙂 Achieving good health is not all about popping a vitamin and hoping you will feel better it is taking care of yourself on every level…. mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Allow yourself to heal, allow yourself to rest, allow yourself to have fun, allow yourself to be present and allow yourself to grieve if need be. What I am learning is we don’t get to a point and that’s it!! and we are 100% on top of things and no longer need to help ourselves. We get to a point where everyday becomes manageable, you still need to implement your daily strategies and look after yourself. If I miss a day or two of taking some time out for me, missing a healthy meal, to many late nights up working or studying then I can very quickly spiral backwards.

Here are some of my protocols that I have put in place for myself

  • Even if I don’t feel like eating I have a smoothie packed full of dense micro and macro nutrients at times this is my tea if I can’t be bothered cooking.
  • I can manage a walk 3 times a week now and are careful not to over exert myself.
  • Take 10 mins to just sit in the sun.
  • I am working on my gut health with pre and probiotics and bone broth… this has been the turning point in my healing journey.
  • If I am tired and are able to, I put my feet up and rest for a hour.
  • Read a book you enjoy!! OMG i had completely forgotten what it was like to read a book because I wanted to.
  • Just take some time out for you.
  • Flower essence remedies, these have made huge difference to my emotional well-being
  • Reduce my stress in everyday life where I can…… I still live in the real world and some stressors will still be there. This book “The life changing magic of not giving a F**k” has been a game changer for me and helped me work out what really matters and what I should give a shit about.
  • For the burnout I experienced, having a great vitamin and mineral protocol was essential for my physical, mental and emotional health. Supporting the endocrine system and my adrenal glands.
  • Avoid negative self talk like “my body is useless” “my body is fucked” “i will never feel better” …. our body believes what we tell it and it will eventually believe any negative self talk.
  • Set small goals for yourself and be realistic. In the beginning phases of healing my goal was to get my daughter to school and if I managed then that was an achievement!! I soon learnt that by setting my expectations too high I would end up in a cycle of failing and mentally feeling worse about myself.

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