Are They Suitable For Teens?

Are Pads Suitable For Teenagers?

Yes, teens can easily use cloth pads for their period. The pads are easy to use, discreet and comfortable. Starting out we find our young teens prefer the smaller narrower pads. These give a better fit for the smaller underwear. Look for pads approx 2.25-2.5inches wide. This preference can vary depending on the size of your teen.

Teach your daughter to fold up her used pad and store it in a wet bag. We highly recommend a double pocket wet bag, these are great for storing clean pads in one side and the used pads in the other side. They are leak proof so contain everything including any smell.

If your daughter doesn’t yet have her period or it is irregular, she can keep clean pads in her school bag for ‘just in case moments’. The great thing about the wet bags is they are discreet and no one can tell they are for menstrual products.

As a mum to a young teen I also recommend the Period Underwear as well for teens.