Can I Use Pads For Bladder Leakage?

Can I use menstrual cloth pads for bladder leaks?

Absolutely, in fact we highly recommend them for bladder leaks. You can use them for those sneeze leaks and oops moments or they are fantastic for moderate and heavy bladder leakages.

There are a few factors to consider when purchasing cloth pads for bladder leaks.


You will find for most cloth pads on the market you can use the menstrual flow recommendation for your bladder incontinence.

Light Flow Pads

For light leaks then most panty liners and light flow pads will be suitable. These are great for those unexpected sneeze leaks, discharge, spotting, or light flow. 

Moderate Flow Pads

Suitable for those with more urinary stress and needing something to hold more fluid.

Heavy Flow Pads

These are suitable for those with a lot of leakage. Depending on how heavy your leakage is you can consider heavy flow pads or look into a heavier pad such as a postpartum maternity pad which will have a greater absorbency.


You also need to consider the fabrics of the pads you are buying. Cotton, flannelette and bamboo pads work well and can usually absorb most leakages quickly. Synthetic fabrics such as micro fleece or minky, while they provide a nice stay dry layer they may not absorb the urine quick enough.

Consider buying pads that have a pul backing or a hidden pul layer and flannel backing. These will give you the extra protection of the waterproof pul layer.

It maybe a bit of trial and error to find the fabric and style pads that will be best suited to your urinary incontinence.

Will they smell?

No, there is very little or no smell at all when using cloth pads for bladder leakage. Cloth pads are made with breathable yet leak proof fabrics, these allow for a good ventilation with your pad preventing hot sweaty pads and smells. Cloth pads do not have the chemical content that disposable pads do. When the urine flows into the pad it does not react with the cloth as it does with disposables and creating that smell.