How Do I Clean My Menstrual Cup?

How do I clean and change my menstrual cup?

 Cup washing


Your cup can be used for hours. We recommend emptying and cleaning it every 8 hours, although if your flow is very heavy you may need to do this more often. Your cup can be used overnight.

 Ideally you would have two cups so that one is sterilized ready each time you change it, but in a busy world, this may not happen.

 Wash your hands and locate your cup. Gently squeeze it slightly to break the seal and carefully remove. Empty into the toilet.

*Tip….. place some toilet paper in the toilet first this will prevent the blood pooling on the bottom of the toilet bowl and needing multiple flushes.

If changing your cup while out and about, rinse in water and reinsert. If you don’t have access to water (such as in a toilet cubicle) then reinsert. Sterilize at your next opportunity. A water bottle is handy to carry or some menstrual cup wipes.

When at home or somewhere you have access to a sink you can wash your cup thoroughly after each use we highly recommend using MyCup wash or Lunette Cup wash. Both of these cup washes will ensure a thorough clean and are completely safe and free from any toxins and chemicals. Rinse well and reinsert.

Ideally, sterilize your cup every 8-12 hours and wash well each time it is changed.   

To sterilize your cup, place in a small jar of made up Menstrual Cup Milton solution for 30 minutes. Dry well and replace in the cloth bag, or a clean and dry small glass jar. Use only the Milton tablets specifically for menstrual cups. This is really important as the standard strength Milton tablets that are bought in pharmacies or supermarkets can damage the surface of your cup.

Alternatively, you can boil your cup for 3-5 minutes. Life hack: tuck your cup into an egg whisk before putting in the pot, so it wont touch the bottom (forgetting a boiling pot is very easy to do!). Again, dry well before storing in the cloth bag or a small dry glass jar.

Camping, hiking, travelling? tuck cup wash or sterilizing wipes into your bag.

It is a good idea to sterilize your cup at the end of every cycle.

Sterilize your cup after any vaginal infection.

To clean the tiny air holes, fill your cup with soapy water and place your palm over the opening. Gently squeeze the cup so that the pressure forces the water through the hole. Alternatively use a small brush or toothbrush.