How Do I Insert A Menstrual Cup?

How on earth do I insert a menstrual cup ..... it looks huge!!

The easiest way to insert a cup is to fold it smaller, gently push into the vagina, and rotate slightly so that it ‘pops’ open. It will then form a seal. Your menstrual cup shouldn’t sit as high as a tampon and not to low you feel it when moving about. With a little practice you will find your ideal position for your cup.

There are a number of different cup folds and with a little practice  you can find the right fold that is easiest for you. To see the various folds have a look  here.

To remove the cup, locate the base of the cup, give it a slight squeeze to release the seal, and gently pull down to remove.

It should not be painful to insert or remove a cup.

Once your cup is inserted, give it a slight rotate so it can seal. Once you remove your fingers, you shouldn’t be able to feel it at all.

If the stem of the cup is annoying when you sit or bend, you can use sharp nail scissors to gently trim it. Be very very careful not to damage the actual cup.

When removing your cup, wash your hands and then insert two fingers to locate it. Give a very slight squeeze to break the seal, and then bare down while gently pulling it out. Hold it carefully to empty it into the toilet.

Wash, sterilize and replace your cup. You can find more on recommended washing here.