How Do I Store My Pads?

Up to you!

Store them flat in a drawer or pretty shoe box, or in a large wetbag between cycles – then during your period you can keep them in the bathroom fairly inconspicuously.

Fold into envelopes and snap, before storing in a bathroom draw between cycles.

Store  clean and folded pads in your handbag, car dashboard, school bag or work briefcase – wherever you might need protection.

If you won’t need your pads for an extended amount of time, give them a quick soak and second wash to ensure they are very clean. Dry well – if they come of the washing line, put them in the dryer for 30 minutes on a warm cycle, or leave overnight in the hot water cupboard. Once they are very clean and very dry, store flat in a paper bag or cardboard box in a dry place until you need them again.