Join Our Volunteer Program

We are needing volunteers nationwide to help co ordinate, sew, run sewing groups and teach others the skills to make our kits. There are a number of ways this can be done, please see our options below.

This is a 100% voluntary program,  this part of our business is completely non for profit. We do however help supply some of the fabrics which are funded by our website sales. We also rely on and accept donations of fabrics which can be distributed to various teams across the country.

Fly Solo Sewer:

Tasks include
  • Those that would prefer to sew on their own in their own time and home.
  • Have great sewing skills and attention to quality
  • Can follow our pattern with out any help or guidance (off course online support can be given)
  • Can sew the pad outer or absorbent pads, can be one or the other or both
  • Can not sew but would like to cut fabrics to either send to us or drop off to a squad leader in your area.

Social Sewers:

Tasks Include

  • Those that want to get together with friends or family. Have fun and sew over a coffee or vino.
  • Have sewing skills and attention to quality
  • Can follow our pattern with out any help or guidance (off course online support can be given)
  • Can share the tasks of following a pattern, cutting out fabrics and sewing
  • This is a great option for groups of 3-6 people. You can have 2 cutters, 2 sewing the shells and 2 sewing absorbent pads.

Squad Leaders:

Tasks include the following, however you are welcome to share these tasks with another person.

  • Those that want to step it up a notch and take on the task of organizing larger sewing squads.
  • Host sewing sessions or arrange a venue for large sewing squad sessions
  • Organize and set tasks for each member of your squad ensuring your sewing sessions run smoothly.
  • Give guidance for sewing the patterns and oversee the quality control
  • Drop off point for donated fabrics and supplies in your area to be used for your sewing sessions or to be sent head office or other squad leaders that maybe short on supplies.
  • Responsibility for ensuring all finished kits are sent to us by deadlines if we have deadlines, otherwise in a timely manner.
  • Helping us coordinate fundraising or donations within your community

Side Kick Supporters

Can't sew but still want to help?

There is lots to be done from cutting fabrics to collection of fabrics, distributing and helping educate others. All of which are tasks that are equally as important as sewing the pads. Our squad leaders may need help coordinating different events, setting up sewing venues and many more tasks. You help is valuable and as long as you are happy to help out with tasks there is something for everyone to do.

School Supporters

We are currently doing a trial run with an intermediate/high school. The sewing tech and global living classes are doing a trial with the girls that are interested in our project. Once we fine tune this process we will be phasing this program into other schools that are keen on board to help out, learn various sewing skills and be a part of a community service.


This option is for those that would like to volunteer for anything the above options don't cover. This could involve helping with fund raising, helping us collaborate and network with others. Helping arrange our volunteers or helping me pack and process packs to be distributed (I am based in Christchurch).

Join Today (please message as our form is currently unavailable)

Join our volunteer sign up form below and let us know what are you interested in helping with and we will be in touch. Please note we are still in the early stages of organizing squads, areas and finer details of our initiative so we will be in touch as soon as we can.

Why do I have to sign up to help?

By signing up we are able to keep track of how many volunteers we have and what level of involvement each person would like. It also enables us to keep track of where our fabrics are sent to sew, how many pads can be made, deliveries, coordination of events, drop of locations and what level of skill set everyone has. It means if we have an urgent request for multiple kits come through we are able to contact everyone on our list and be able to get an accurate time frame to supply our kits to those in need.