Pad Pattern & Fabrics Used

For those interested in helping and joining our volunteer program. We can supply you with the pad pattern to get you started. We use a 2 piece pad system only for our kits. The reason we have this particular design pad is because in many cases (especially overseas) the girls do not have access to a washing machine or running water. This makes washing a pad that has build in layers very difficult, unhygienic and very slow drying. The 2 piece pad is designed specifically to enable thorough washing by hand and very quick drying. This cuts down on the amount of pads a person needs meaning we can distribute more kits to reach more people.

Fabrics Required

To ensure the pad kids last at least 3 years we like to make sure that the fabrics used are of good quality and also non irritating. We only make the pads with the following fabrics.

For the outer pad shell we use:

PUL (poly urathane laminate) this is a waterproof fabric yet still breathable. This provides the leak proof barrier.

100% quality cotton fabrics, quilting or backing fabrics are fantastic and great quality which will last many years.

Cotton Flannelette this is used for the absorbent part of the pad and the small boosters we make. We find slightly darker colors or prints more sutied but we can re purpose and use any color fabrics.

While we can use most fabric prints we do need to be culturally sensitive and age appropriate. Please contact us if you are unsure. Please keep in mind that 95% of the places we donate the kits to only have access to hand washing the pads so this is where the lighter colors aren't that suitable.

Cotton thread and wooly nylon for the overlocker.

For the drawstring bags

Good quality cotton fabrics, nice bright color prints and floral work great. Colors that are less likely to show up dirt or marks, especially for the kits distributed overseas. We find 100% cotton backing fabrics are great for making the bags.

Ribbon or sturdy nylon cord works well.

We also add our logo to the drawstring bags.

Can I use used fabrics?

Absolutely, flannel sheets are great for using inside the pad boosters or if its not to light in color we can use for the absorbent prefold pad.

Items can be sent direct to or dropped off to

Enhanced Health NZ

Keela McBride

5/12 Shrewsbury Street


Christchurch 8014

Contact number 0274714453