Pro's & Con's of Period Pants


*Fit and forget – you put your underwear on, and you have instant bleeding protection.

*No fiddling with tampons or cups

*No bulk from pads

*No emergency bathroom trips to change your protection

*Easy to use, so perfect for young girls or those with limited mobility

*No needing to tuck a tampon in your pocket or stashing a pad into your bag when you need to go to the toilet (so perfect for work or clubbing!)

*No-one will know, completely invisible protection.

*Perfect for those who struggle with internal protection such as women with low cervix or unable or willing to use tampons and cups.
*There are no risks or side effects, so you can use them on the days you *might* get your period

*Effective for light bladder leakage/light incontinence and discharge.

*More significant outlay
*No swimming protection


We offer Afterpay and laybuy to help you spread the cost of your new underwear.