Pros's & Con's of Pads

Pro's & Con's of Pads

There are plenty of benefits to using cloth pads:

  • Investment – with careful washing and care, your pads will last upwards of 5+ years
  • They are kinder to your skin, with less chemicals and natural fabrics
  • They are easier on the planet, as they are reusable, and you don’t have oodles of plastic, wrapping and pads going to landfill every month
  • They look pretty – there are lots of lovely patterns to choose from
  • They are more absorbent than disposable pads, so your busy work/play time won’t be interrupted by emergency toilet stops
  • If your period is long, cloth pads won’t irritate your skin, and they can be washed and dried quickly, reducing your monthly cost.
  • They easily snap into all your favorite underwear


Drawbacks to using cloth pads:

  • There is an upfront cost, depending on your cycle length and flow, which can add up for the initial investment
  • You do have to wash them.