Reasons To Use A Menstrual Cup

8 Reasons Why You Should Try Using a Menstrual Cup

We are living in the world, where a lot of harmful toxins constantly surround us in our daily routines and there is not really much you can do about some of it. Although, in areas where you can decide what to consume or use, you should at least know your possibilities and alternatives, in order to choose well. If you have already tried reusable menstrual pads and it was not your thing, we encourage you to get to know more about menstrual cups. Menstrual Cups, in our opinion, are still not appreciated enough. They are a perfect alternative to toxic disposable menstrual products, but they are also surrounded by so many myths and legends which prevent many women from trying it out. In this article, we will discuss what is a menstrual cup, how to use it. Also, you will learn top 8 reasons why a menstrual cup is great for you.


What is a menstrual cup and how to use it?

Menstrual cup is a reusable menstrual device made from medical grade silicone. It is designed to be easily inserted into vagina and collect menstrual blood. Once inserted, it opens up and is held inside by vaginal muscles.


Top 8 reasons to use a menstrual cup:

  1. Reusability

This means that even though a menstrual cup might seem expensive at first, it is definitely an investment. High quality menstrual cups will serve you many months and years, if you take good care of it. It will not pollute the environment, as there will be no waste each month from disposable menstrual products anymore. To sum up, menstrual cup is a cost effective alternative to disposable menstrual products. What is more, you will never run out of menstrual products anymore, as you will have one product which will serve you for many years to come.

  1. You will save money

Our goal is to provide every woman an affordable option to use as a menstrual product. We believe that every woman deserves to feel like a goddess every day of the month, so it is important to us, that no matter what is your financial situation, you would be able to afford it. High quality reusable menstrual cup costs around $20-$40 and, if taken care of properly, will serve you around 8-10 years. You can do the math yourself! Of course, you might find even cheaper menstrual cups in the market, although, have in mind, that these might not be so comfortable, long lasting and safe to use as the high quality versions.

  1. No toxins anymore!

As you might now, disposable menstrual products, such as pads or tampons, are full of unnecessary materials, such as dyes and bleaches, which might harm your body and the environment. By using a menstrual cup, you will be using an environmentally friendly product, causing no harm neither for environment, nor for you.

  1. Environmentally-friendly product

We know that you care about the environment and always search for safer alternatives among products you use. Menstrual products should not be an exception. Using disposable menstrual products results in a lot of waste every month, every year, in almost every household. If you at least consider learning more about reusable menstrual product options, it would be a strong and meaningful effort regarding the environmental footprint.

  1. Feel completely free during your period

Menstrual cups are perfect for a modern day woman, who is constantly on the go. As long as you have your menstrual cup with you, you can travel anywhere and do anything! Camping, hiking, swimming, exercising – whatever you have planned, it’s all possible with no hassle! No need to take countless pads or tampons with you and worry that you might run out of it. One menstrual cup will be all you need each month, wherever you are and whatever you do.

  1. Menstrual cups are safe to use overnight

It might sound too good to be true, but menstrual cups are completely safe to use overnight! Forget the times you had to set an alarm clock to change your tampon or pad (if you had a heavy period). Menstrual cups in the most cases are perfectly enough to use overnight, without any spills or accidents.

  1. Countless health benefits

Nowadays, most of the menstrual products in the market are full of harmful bleaches, dioxins, artificial fragrances and other chemicals. Using these products often result in various unpleasant conditions, due to harmful bacteria which can be easily harbored in such an environment. Menstrual cups are free of any harmful materials and will not cause any unpleasant conditions. We promise a menstrual cup is a life changer for women, you will feel your best at all times!


  1. Menstrual cups are really comfortable to use

Once you get used to inserting it (it might take a bit of practice), it will become the most comfortable menstrual product, you have ever tried. This means that you can move as much as you want, and you won’t feel a thing! The stem of the cup can be trimmed according to your needs, so don’t worry about “losing” it or feeling the stem constantly while moving. We can assure you, if inserted properly, you will not feel a thing while wearing a comfy and flexible menstrual cup.


To sum up, menstrual cups might be one of the best inventions in menstrual product industry. What is the most important – it is absolutely safe to use. Made from flexible and soft material, it is almost impossible to feel. It allows you to do whatever you like, no matter what time of the month it is. It provides countless health benefits: no more allergies, rashes, bacterial infections, etc. It can be reused many times, if taken care properly. Also, with this easy effort of making a new purchase, you will positively affect your environmental footprint. We know that our readers are wise women, who would at least consider trying out a product which has numerous benefits to their health and wellbeing. Feel great!