What Are Cloth Menstrual Pads

What Are Cloth Menstrual Pads?

Reusable cloth menstrual pads are made from different fabrics, to ensure a sustainable option for bleeding. They usually consist of a natural topper fabric, which is soft against the skin and wicks away moisture, and waterproof layers to protect your underwear and clothing against leaks.

Cloth pads are available in an array of sizes and lengths, and come in liners, light, medium, heavy and overnight, as well as postpartum, to cater for the changing flow of your cycle. They are easily worn by wrapping the wings around your underwear like a disposable pad and sealing with a snap closure (instead of the sticky panel you might be used to).

You can see still your blood in the same way you would with disposable pads, however you can buy cloth pads that are dark or patterned if you would prefer to see as little as possible. They need to be changed in the same way as a disposable, to prevent leaks and smells, although they are more absorbent than most disposable so you can increase the time between changes. They can be discretely tucked into a small wet bag until you can wash them, so no one will know there is one in your bag or pocket, and they are easily washed and dried with no soaking or special equipment required. They won’t smell if they are changed regularly and are not bulkier than disposable.

Your skin and our planet will love your move to cloth menstrual pads!