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How to Practice Daily Gratitude

How to Practice Daily Gratitude

How to Practice Daily Gratitude

Daily Gratitude does it really work?

What would you say if you were told that by practicing daily gratitude you could completely change your life? You only have to include a new five-minute habit into your daily routine? It’s often hard to believe that so much positive change can be achieved with such a small step, but gratitude works exactly this way! It does not require you to change the way you do things completely, you can do it step by step, gradually, and feel better instantly afterwards. Sounds too good to be true? It is exactly as good as it sounds, or even better!

What is gratitude and how to practice the attitude of gratitude?

Gratitude is the conscious effort to concentrate on positive things happening in your life. Rushing through our daily routines, feeling the load of problems and challenges everyday, we might start feeling that there is no good in our lives, only negative experiences. This is the most awful feeling, as it makes everything look worse and doesn’t help you to grow, only creates negative emotions and feelings, such as anxiety and depression. Every person can be grateful for at least a few positive things, happening in his/her life. It can be big things like health, family or a successful career. And there are small things, which can be often missed out, such as: a sincere smile of your neighbor, a good word from your colleague at work, and many other little details, which make our lives unbelievably great, without us even noticing it and being thankful for it.

Why is the attitude of gratitude so important?

The attitude of gratitude is very important, as it allows us to critically evaluate how much good things surround us. It also lets us instantly calm down and see the things from the other perspective. Also, the reflection of all good things happening in our lives, will help us attract more good things. As every new habit, in order for the attitude of gratitude to work, it has to be practiced daily. There is a lot of different forms of gratitude for you to choose from. Here are some easy tips which you could include into your daily routine:

  • Changing your focus from what you don’t have to what you have. If someone would ask you, what are the main problems in your life, I bet you could instantly name ten of them. What if I asked you to provide the list of good things happening in your life? As sad as it may sound, a lot of people struggle to think of more than two things, when asked this question. This is because we spend the majority of our time reflecting our problems and reliving the same situation that made us feel bad. And what do we do about the good things? We usually take it for granted. Practicing the attitude of gratitude allows us to transfer our thoughts from bad to good things and subconsciously thank for every little detail happening around us: beautiful pink sunset, a day full of sunshine, a cozy evening, listening to the sound of rain outside the window, etc.
  • Creating positive energy around yourself. Find time for the things you enjoy the most, so that you would have more good things to reflect on. Take time to enjoy a cup of tea in the morning, take short breaks in the office and find time to take a short walk around the block. It will cost you nothing, but will make a huge difference in the way you feel. Surround yourself by positive like minded people, as sharing your thoughts with someone who has a similar views and beliefs in life is always fun!
  • Break negative thinking patterns. Habits can be quite difficult to form. Our old habits might be difficult to get rid of as well. Practicing gratitude requires controlling and eliminating of your negative thoughts, which will come and go occasionally, if you don’t let them to place roots inside of your head. As soon as you catch yourself thinking something negative, try thinking about something good instead.

Benefits of Practicing Daily Gratitude

Daily gratitude can be quite difficult to achieve, but its benefits will be definitely worth your hard efforts. It is a well known fact that our mental and physical health is indivisibly connected. If we want to be physically healthy, we have to try keeping our thoughts clean and our minds calm. Daily gratitude will help to calm the mind and improve the mood. Also, you will be able to see more good things in your life, which will ensure emotional satisfaction.

10 Tips on Practicing Daily Gratitude

Keeping a gratitude journal might be your first step to practice daily gratitude, but there is so much more that could be done in order to feel more gratitude in your life. Here are top 10 tips on how to practice daily gratitude:

  1. Write a journal. As we already discussed, by writing something down, we make it more powerful. You can open your gratitude journal any time. For example when you are feeling down and instantly make yourself feel better.
  2. Smile or laugh each day. Make an effort to smile and laugh more. If you you haven’t done it enough throughout the day, do it now, while reading these lines. Fake smile helps as well – smile to yourself in the mirror!
  3. Do something kind each day. Doing something kind without wanting anything back will give you the feeling of meaningfulness.
  4. Pay someone a compliment daily. Just a simple sentence can brighten someone’s day. Always remember – doing good comes back as a boomerang.
  5. Admire the beauty of nature. Nature is usually taken for granted. Take time and make effort to enjoy a beautiful sunrise or sunset.
  6. Live in the present – not the past or the future. Now is the time to live. Make the most out of it!
  7. Surround yourself with positive and happy people. Other people help us grow. Make sure that this growth is to the right direction.
  8. Take time for little breaks. Doesn’t matter how intense your day is, there is always time for a couple of minutes for yourself.
  9. Let go of negativity. Think about something good instead.
  10. Create positive thoughts with affirmations. Choose thoughts or affirmations to repeat silently throughout the day. Such as: “Why am I so healthy and loved”, “Why am I so amazing”, “Why am I so abundant”.


Keeping a Gratitude Journal

Gratitude journals like this can be helpful while forming a habit of daily gratitude. Many people confirm that reflection of good things that happened during the day. When consciously written down in their gratitude journal, has a strong positive effect on their daily lives and formation of the attitude of gratitude. Keeping a gratitude journal is a powerful exercise. It allows you to sit down calmly and concentrate on positive things only, one or two times daily. Begin the day with a few minutes of writing into your gratitude journal and end the day doing the same.

To sum up, there is always something in your life for what you can be thankful for. Practicing daily gratitude and forming the attitude of gratitude helps us balance our mental as well as physical health. In order to form any habit, we have to put some effort into it. I hope you will take at least one idea  from this article and adapt it to your daily routine. Whether it is a gratitude journal, or a conscious effort to control the thoughts inside your head. If practiced daily, it will bring huge benefits to your life. Be happy and love yourself!

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