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A highly effective productive plant infusion blend to support natural creative impulse and inspiration in children. Promotes a healthy sense of self and own individuality. Assists in creatively expressing own uniqueness. Ideal for highly creative children, those who experience creativity shyness or those who are bored and show a lack of interest.

Made with six specially selected New Zealand native plants.

Creative Kidz Support is ideal for children who are:

– Highly creative.
– Feeling fearful of being judged or who have stage fright.
– Having difficulties with communication or creativity.
– Feeling tired, weary or fatigued.
– Worrying about how they look or what others think.
– Facing peer rejection or not feeling part of the group.
– Getting easily upset, aggressive, angry or frustrated.
– Showing explosive outbursts or volatile behaviour.
– Feeling embarrassed.


– Supports a child to develop a strong and healthy sense of self and a natural expression of their own identity.
– Enhances the ability to know and express own uniqueness and individuality.
– Helps not to be blocked by fears or worries about what others might think.
– Supports imagination and creative thinking.

Happy Kids Kit

Supports children’s natural emotional development, positive self-esteem, creativity, confidence and their ability to adapt. Supports a child to address the emotional and energetic challenges at school, home, in the community, peer groups and with technology. Contains three First Light Natural Health® flower essence blends: Calm Kids Support©, Creative Kids Support© and Confident Kids Support©.