Ecobird Flow Snap Pad & Knicker System
Ecobird Flow Snap Pad & Knicker System
Ecobird Flow Snap Pad & Knicker System
Ecobird Flow Snap Pad & Knicker System
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Ecobird Flow Snap Pad & Knicker System

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Designed in 2006 our fantastic "snap n wear" system is back in stock.

This system gives you the convenience of period underwear without having to change the knickers. You simply dome your desired absorbency reusable snap pad into the underwear gusset. Snap your pad and wear its that easy!! You can wear the underwear all day and just change your pad as needed.

This system is so versatile and convenient with the added bonus of pads that stay in place and don't move.


This system is only compatible with the snap pads and snap underwear. Purchase the underwear then select your pad color and absorbency here.

About The Knickers

Our underwear are 100% bamboo. The gusset of the bamboo underwear have a leak resistant layer to give you added protection from leaks. Quality resin domes for the pads to snap into.

Currently available in size 8, 10, 12,14,16.

Made in China

About The Pads

Our wingless pad has a 100% cotton top layer, bamboo inner and pul waterproof backing. Quality resin domes which allow the pad to be snapped into place onto the underwear.

Currently available in light or medium flow pads in two sizes.

Made in New Zealand

For this system to work you need to purchase the underwear we have domed plus your chosen light or medium flow pads.

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