Modibodi Period Underwear "Classic Bikini" MAXI 24 hour
Modibodi Period Underwear "Classic Bikini" MAXI 24 hour

Modibodi Period Underwear "Classic Bikini" MAXI 24 hour

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Classic Bikini Maxi24 -Super Heavy Absorbency - AVAILABLE NOW: maximum absorbency for those with very heavy periods, frequent bladder leaks or for 24 hours* of wear. Our proven-to-work technology gives you protection from the front to back waist band on this style, meaning you have zero fear of leaks to clothing, even while sleeping. Ideal for front bleeders.  * Maxi24 tested to hold up to 50ml per day, the average menstruator loses 2 to 3 tablespoons or 30-50ml of blood over 5 days. Patent pending.

The Classic Bikini has a higher leg and sits on the hip for a safe, snug fit.

  • Wave goodbye or reduce your use of disposable pads, liners and tampons and say hello to the undies of your dreams
  • Modibodi fits and wears like regular underwear, but it’s also fit for purpose and reusable i.e. changing the planet, one pair at a time!
  • Our breathable Modifier Technology™ – a super slim (3mm), super absorbent, stain and bacteria fighting lining for modern periods, bladder leaks and discharge
  • Our silky smooth styles – made from natural odour-fighting bamboo
  • Rinse first, gentle cold machine wash, hang to dry, reuse, repeat. (No fabric softeners or stain removers, please.)
  • Change your undies and make positive change for every bodi. Join the Modibodi movement!


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