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A highly effective unwinding plant infusion blend to support clarity of mind in teenagers during times of stress and overload. Relaxing and refreshing. Helps to establish priorities and focus on what is important. Ideal to use when studying for exams, doing public speaking, learning a new language, experiencing a study block or needing to complete many tasks at one time.

Made with six specially selected New Zealand native plants.

Stressed Teenz Support is ideal for teenagers who are:

– Being caught in an inner conflict.
– Feeling like they have hit a brick wall with study or learning.
– Taking exams, entering university, learning a new language or developing a mental skill.
– Going for an interview or speaking in front of a group.
– Feeling scattered or absent-minded.
– Having too many balls in the air or too much is happening.


– Assists a teenager in developing problem solving skills and learning from experiences.
– Supports healthy functioning of the mind and the natural ability to learn and absorb new information.
– Helps to stay calm during times of stress.
– Supports in developing multiple skills to manage multiple tasks.
– Assists in developing an ability to know what is important, how to prioritise to achieve progress.
– Provides assistance in working through the challenges of life and developing inner wisdom and resourcefulness.