First Light Natural Health® Trauma Support©

First Light Natural Health® Trauma Support©

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A highly effective restorative plant infusion blend to support emotional healing and letting go. Assists in restoring natural equilibrium and sense of safety allowing you to move on from painful experiences. Gentle and freeing. Use for the after effects of traumatic experiences, when feeling guilty, empty, dead or lost, or when experiencing turmoil, suffering or sorrow.

Made with seven specially selected New Zealand native plants.

Trauma Support provides support when you are experiencing any of the following:

– Going through a sudden upset, major transition or unexpected change in circumstances causing you emotional pain, turmoil, suffering, guilt or sorrow.
– Feeling emotionally traumatised.
– Being stuck at cross roads and feeling lost.
– Feeling burnt out, dead or numb inside.
– Feeling helpless or disempowered by life.
– Feeling attached to the past and ‘how it used to be’.


– Assists in restoring peace and stillness after painful or traumatic experiences.
– Supports you in gently releasing attachments and letting go of painful thoughts and emotions.
– Supports you in keeping your mind open to change and transformation.
– Encourages you to move forward and embrace new possibilities.
– Helps you to be like a phoenix rising from the ashes.