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Flower Essence ~ Kowhai Flower & Personal Keynote


Flower Essence ~ Kowhai Flower & Personal Keynote

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In this blend you will receive Kowhai; which has the potential to nurture negative aspects of oneself, allowing you to move through difficult times and changes. If you are a person that finds change difficult or hold onto the past the Kowhai allows you to move forward from these limitations. It is the “link breaker” allowing you to break the bonds with the past and transition through the difficult times and changes. It encourages self belief and the sense of growth, self-discovery and new beginnings. For some new beginnings can be difficult, filled with uncertainty and self-doubt, the essence of the Kowhai flower stimulates one to embrace changes with the knowing that there is more to life. This flower is ideal for those that are ready to begin the journey of self discovery and your true calling in your search for the universal truths.

We will also include your Personal Keynote essence, this corresponds with your date of birth. Be sure to let us know what your date of birth is so we can select your Personal Keynote essence and we will also send you a short email with some details about your Personal Essence.



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