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Lotus Smooth Menstrual Cup~ Lavender size large

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Lotus Smooth Menstrual Cup~ Lavender size large

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Lotus Smooth Cup has a smooth rim with no ridges.

Hey gorgeous goddesses, are you looking for a tampon or pad alternative? How about trying a comfortable and affordable reusable alternative. The Lotus Menstrual Cups are ideal for the modern day women, the women that is on the go, the women that is looking to save some $$, the women that is looking for a chemical free alternative, the women that cares about the environment and environmental footprint we leave or you maybe all of the above!!. The Lotus Menstrual Cup is a reusable menstrual device made from medical grade silicone. It is designed to be folded and inserted into your vagina to collect your menstrual blood. Once inserted it opens up and is held in place by your vaginal wall muscles.

Are you looking for a menstrual product that is ……….

Affordable; Our goal is to provide every women, female, goddess with an affordable option to menstrual products and to also provide a menstrual cup that doesn’t cost the earth. The Lotus menstrual cup costs $40 and will last approx 8-10 years when cared for properly, costing around $3-$4 per year!! Now that is a savings that any women would like right? leaving you with more $$ towards those things you would prefer to buy. Lets face it buying menstrual products every month puts a dent in our purse.

Comfortable; The Lotus Menstrual Cup is soft and flexible with soft edges making it easy for most women to insert, remove and wear. The longer stem is able to be trimmed to a suitable length for the individual.

Safe & Chemical Free; Some women may ask why on earth would I want to stick something like this up my vagina?? well the answer is simple…… wouldn’t you rather put something up there that is free from harmful bleaches, dioxins, artificial fragrances,  and other chemicals that are used on many pads and tampons in today’s market? Add in a moist, warm, damp vaginal environment and tadaaah you have created a nice environment to harbor harmful bacteria which some women many experience. A menstrual cup will give you a healthy vagina that will love you for not filling it with anymore chemicals.

Able to be use almost anywhere anytime;  Yes you read that correctly, you can use a menstrual cup just about in any situation, place or time, how awesome is that! Menstrual cups can be used safely overnight, travelling, camping, swimming or exercising, whatever you have planned your cup can go with you everywhere either in your handbag  or already in your vagina!!

What size should I buy?

Size small is generally suited for women that have not had a vaginal birth, lighter flows or teens/young women, those with very tight pelvic floor muscles or under 30 years. It can also be ideal for first time users of a menstrual cup.

Capacity: approx 30ml

Diameter: 42mm

Length: 50mm from rim to base of cup 70mm

Stem: 20mm

Size large is generally suited for women that have had a vaginal birth, heavy flow, women over 30 years or those with weaker pelvic floor muscles.

Capacity: approx 36ml

Diameter: 46mm

Length: 55mm from rim to base of cup, from rim to tip of stem 75mm

Stem: 20mm

These sizing recommendations are a general guideline other factors you may need to consider are the strength of your pelvic floor muscles. If you fit most of the size 1 cup criteria but have very weak pelvic muscles then consider the size large cup. If you have a low sitting cervix then the size 1 cup will be a better fit. Some women find their cervix sits lower during the first 48 hours of their period then moves back to the higher position.

How often should I change my menstrual cup?

It is recommended the cup should be emptied, rinsed and reinserted every 4-8 hours, no more that 10 hours. it will vary greatly as every women’s cycle is so different. With a bit of practice you will quickly know how long you can leave it before emptying it during the different stages of your period.


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