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Meluna ~ Classic Clear XLarge ~ Ring Stem

Meluna ~ Classic Clear XLarge ~ Ring Stem


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Meluna Menstrual Cup

Dimensions: greatest diameter 47mm, length 56mm without grip.
Volume: 42ml to the brim, 30ml to the holes.
Included in delivery: 1 Me Luna® menstrual cup, 1 Me Luna® microfiber bag.

Me Luna® Classic is our best-selling menstrual cup. It is therefore available in a large range of colours. The Classic degree of softness is medium-soft and suitable for most women. Me Luna® Classic is pleasantly soft, but still firm enough to ensure that your menstrual cup can unfold after it is inserted. 97% of our customers find Me Luna® Classic to be comfortable and not too hard. The Me Luna® Classic is too soft for some women. For women with well-toned pelvic floor muscles, the unfolding of the cup is a bit laborious and can take some time.


Size XL is commonly used:

  • by more mature women, over 30 years of age
  • by women who only use large tampons
  • by women who have heavy periods
  • by women who have had children
  • by women who use large tampons and still have to change them frequently
  • by women with weak pelvic floor muscles

This size is rarely used:

  • by very young women
  • by women who have not had children
  • by women who only use small and regular tampons
  • by women with light to medium periods

This size may be unsuitable:

  • if you are still a virgin
  • if your cervix lies very low during menstruation
  • if you only use small tampons
  • if you have a prolapsed uterus

What is Me Luna® made of?

The Me Luna® is made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). However, this is not just any TPE – it is a specially produced TPE, where the production is very strictly monitored. This TPE has been approved for the manufacture of medical products and devices. (“TPE” is the generic term for a type of thermoplastic, where by applying heat to the processed elastomers they become flexible.)

The colors

In the production of colored Me Luna´s®, the colorless TPE granules are mixed with a tiny amount of color (2-4%). These colors are not used in the medical field, but are approved for food.
A medical approval for colors is very difficult and expensive, because so far no one wants to make catheters or syringes in bright colours!



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