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Snap n Wear Light Pad ~ 3pack Dots~mini pad

Snap n Wear Light Pad ~ 3pack Dots~mini pad


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3 x lady cloth pad suitable for light flow, light incontinence, spotting or discharge. Measures 7 inch long x 2.5 inch wide. The small petite size of this pad makes it suitable for tweens, teens or women wanting a small pad for light flow or back up.

Our unique Snap n Wear system was designed by us in 2006. This is a interchangeable pad system that can be used with a base or underwear. When used with a base the base stays snapped around your everyday underwear and you simply change the top pad as needed. When the pads are used with the underwear with domes on them you snap the pad directly into the crotch of the underwear. This gives you a trim wingless pad that stays in place with no movement back or forward.

You must purchase a pad base or select a pair of snap underwear in order for this system to work. Available here.

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