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Tween Menstrual Starter Pack ~ Small Blue Meluna Cup

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Tween Menstrual Starter Pack ~ Small Blue Meluna Cup

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Tween Menstrual Starter Pack

We have created this convenient Tween menstrual starter pack for your young lady. Take the confusion and fuss out of trying to work out what to buy for her. This convenient pack will get her started on reusable menstrual products!!

In this pack you will receive

1 x Small MeLuna Menstrual cup which is an ideal size for young tweens/teens approx 12-16years

1 x MyCup wash

3 x Lotus Light Pads to use as back up to your menstrual Cup

1 x Wetbag for pads

1 x Bamboo brush to clean your cup

1 x Menstrual cup case ideal to store you menstrual cup in to keep in your school bag or similar

About the Me Luna Cup

Me Luna® Classic is our best-selling menstrual cup. It is therefore available in a large range of colours. The Classic degree of softness is medium-soft and suitable for most women. Me Luna® Classic is pleasantly soft, but still firm enough to ensure that your menstrual cup can unfold after it is inserted. 97% of our customers find Me Luna® Classic to be comfortable and not too hard. The Me Luna® Classic is too soft for some women. For women with well-toned pelvic floor muscles, the unfolding of the cup is a bit laborious and can take some time.

Size S is commonly used:
by young girls, also by virgins
by women who only use the smallest size tampons
by women who use small and regular tampons and do not have heavy periods
by women who have not yet had children
by women who have had one child, but never require large tampons

This size is rarely used:
by women who have had several children
by women who often require large tampons
by women with weakened pelvic floor muscles

This size may be unsuitable:
if small and regular tampons do not work well for you
if you only use large tampons
if you are over 40 and have had several children

Check out our 8 reasons on the benefits of using a menstrual cup here.

If you are unsure of sizing please contact us to discuss here. 

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Size 1, Size 2


Purple Liner, Blue Liner


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