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Upcycled Planter Box

Upcycled Planter Box

Upcycled Planter Box

I live in a small inner city townhouse with a smallish courtyard. I am trying to make the most of a small area and make the most out of my space and grow a 100% edible garden with the space I have. The first of many upcycled projects is this upcycled filing cabinet into a planter box. I priced planter boxes and prices varied between $260 to over $400 for what I wanted!! I could have made this planter for a bit cheaper if I had the time to look around more for some items I needed but I wanted it done now!! So here is how I made this and the costs.

$10 for the metal filing cabinet picked up from our local re-use and recycle shop
$20 for a 2nd hand peice of trellis
$10 for 4 castor wheels
$10 for 5 plant pots from Kmart
$13 for the metal pot holders that hooked onto the trellis from bunnings

$10 metal file cabinet

Firstly I pulled the draws out and added the wheels to the bottom of the cabinet. I had some old red paint and painted the outside up with 2 coats. The was a gap at the end of the filing cabinet which was the bottom of it so with it now on its side I needed to fill this in. I had some bits of macrocarpa wood which I cut, stained and wedged into the end of the cabinet. I then drilled about 12 holes in the bottom for drainage.

file draws inserted so less dirt to fill the planter with

Next I decided to push 2 of the old drawers back into the cabinet face down. I did this so it only required it to be filled 1/2 with dirt and not the full cabinet with dirt. I did this for 2 reasons, to make it easier to move if I needed to and it was simply pointless filling the whole thing up with compost so it saved me buying a few bags of compost.

painted and stained

Before filling it with dirt I wedged the trellis into place and then lined it with black polythene and poked a few drainage holes in the polythene as well. I filled this area with dirt and planted it with some herbs, lettuce, spinach and a cucumber that can grow up the sides of the trellis. I had a old peice of wall art which I added for decoration. If I decide I want more growing space on this planter I will remove the art work and add some more pots to grow herbs in.


I also made a smaller one for the inside of my conservatory. I made this in a similar way but for the backing I bought a plant screen from bunnings for $40 and painted and attached the metal pots.

There are so many creative ways you can make these planters for very little so what are you waiting for? check out your local reuse and recycle shop and see what you can find.

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